Getting Started

Welcome to HealthSourceRI. This website is a quick and easy way for people in Rhode Island to find out if they might be able to get:

  • Help with buying food
  • Rhode Island Works cash assistance and help finding a job
  • Cash assistance to adults with a medical condition preventing them from working
  • SSI State Supplemental cash assistance
  • Help with paying for child care
  • Low- or no-cost health care/health insurance
  • Help with Medicare premium payments

When you're finished, we'll tell you if you might be able to get help through programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Rhode Island Works (RIW), General Public Assistance (GPA), State Supplemental Payments (SSP), Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Medical Assistance (MA) and Medicare Premium Payments (MPP).

Please keep in mind that this website is just a test to see if you might be able to get benefits and the information provided is not saved. You'll have to apply for these programs to get a final decision about benefits, but we'll let you know how to do that. If you want to go ahead and apply online for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP), Rhode Island Works, General Public Assistance, State Supplemental Payments, Child Care Assistance Program, Medical Assistance and Medicare Premium Payments, click here

In addition, if you complete an application, please keep in mind that information about you and your household members such as monthly income and medical needs will be validated by your assigned caseworker after your completed application has been received.

Ready to get started? Use the mouse to click the Get Started button! Please do not use the Forward, Back or Stop buttons on your browser. Instead, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.


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Updating or Viewing Previous Entries

You are about to edit or view information that has already been used to determine your health coverage eligibility.

  1. If you have changes to make, please do so and click "next" through the remainder of the health coverage questions.
  2. If you do not need to make changes, please use the navigation bar to return to where you left off.